Me giving a speech at TEDxIB@York in 2011. Photo © 2011 Maggie Zhu (CC-BY).

My name is Michael Kourlas, and I am a software developer at Solace Systems, an Ottawa-area high tech startup specializing in application-aware networking. I recently graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering degree. I intend to study business administration after working for several years as I would like to work in product management.

I interned with Solace for several years before joining the company full-time. My work at Solace primarily consisted of developing software and test suites for their routers. I also developed API samples which were distributed to customers; improved an existing build system by setting up a continuous integration server and implementing a static analysis testing system; developed internal productivity tools, including a planning system similar to Microsoft Project; and created internal technical documentation.

I have received several scholastic awards, including the national Schulich Leader Scholarship, the Louis C. Ho Scholarship in Engineering, the John Howard Ambrose scholarship, the McGill Dean’s Honour List, and the Governor General’s Academic Medal.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on personal programming projects. I developed js2xmlparser, a Node.js module that has been downloaded over 5 million times and incorporated into 72 other packages to date. I also developed VoIP.ms SMS, an Android application that has become the standard way to send and receive SMS messages on Android devices using VoIP.ms, a particular VoIP provider.